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"It’s like no one cares if you’re sick
until you are no longer here.
People laugh when you can’t see what they see in the mirror;
they think you’re kidding when you stop eating
because all you can see is the weight you want to lose,
until all they see is bones.
And they disregard your sadness;
They call it a phrase-
“It’ll pass,” they say.
Until it doesn’t.
Until one night you fall asleep
and you’re too tired to wake up the next morning."

A Story A Day #260 by Ming D. Liu

(via mingdliu)


staff why come when i report someone for calling me a racial slur and/or sending me death threats i get the response back from your ugly ass workers saying some “well sometimes people are mean!” but yall will quickly  delete someone for hoarding urls or posting music.


Do u ever look at someone and you’re like how



If ur feeling small today I dare you to sit up straighter, look someone who scares u directly in the eye, take up room at the dinner table, make yourself bigger, when ‘sorry’ laps at the back of your tongue, tries to pick up after you, remind yourself that your existence doesn’t demand an apology, that you are allowed to make mess and take up space, do not be afraid to expand. Every single goddamn minute. Expand, expand, expand

i needed this today